MPs blast Muhith for bank scams

Bangladesh Road Transport Bill 2018 placed in Jatiya Sangsad
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Opposition and some of the ruling party lawmakers in the parliament today criticised Finance Minister AMA Muhith for not stating any measures in the proposed budget for fiscal 2018-19 against irregularities in the financial and banking sectors. 

Finance Minister AMA Muhith earlier told the media that the government will form a banking commission to restore the discipline in the banking sector but he did not mention the issue in the proposed budget, the lawmakers alleged during a discussion on supplementary budget of fiscal 2017-18 in the Jatiya Sangsad.

Prof Ali Ashraf, a lawmaker of ruling Awami League, said it is important to restore discipline in the banking sector as massive looting is going on in the sector.

Loan defaulters have looted hundreds of thousands of crores of taka from the bank but it does not seem that they are defaulters seeing their physical condition and the use of luxurious car, said the ruling MP.

He urged the finance minister to catch the money launderers, loan defaulters who took money from the banks in the name of taking loan.

"If we can not restore discipline in the financial sector, we will not be able to attract the foreigners in the investment," said Ali Ashraf.

He said people will not trust the government if it cannot ensure transparency and accountability in the baking and financial sectors.  

The country's service sector, especially in Aviation sector, is very poor, said the ruling lawmaker, adding that he urged the finance minister to take stern action against them who neglect their duty.

Independent lawmaker Dr Rustom Ali Farazi said that corruption is going on in every steps in the banking sector. People are fearing to deposit money in the banks as hundreds of thousands of crores of taka is being laundered in the name of loans.

Jatiya Party MP Kazi Feroz Rashid, of the opposition party, said massive looting is going on in the country.

The MP said the loan defaulters looted hundreds of thousands of crores taka from banks but the government did not take any action against them.

Pointing to the Farmers Bank scam, the opposition MP said, "You (finance minister) did not take any action against the bank. Why don't you confiscate Farmers Bank assets?"

MP Peer Fazlur Rahman and Nurul Islam Omar also echoed the same with Kazi Feroz Rashid.



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