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  • Actor Mosharraf Karim

    Mosharraf Karim Producing a Drama Series

    Besides acting, the noteworthy actor Mosharraf Karim has produced few dramas for the television industry. However, he will be debuting as a producer for a drama series now.

  • Dhallywood King Shakib Khan

    How celebrities are spending their Eid holidays

    Eid is the perfect time to spend quality time with someone, catching up with friends and family, taking a break from our hectic schedules and having fantastic feasts. Our celebrities, too, are no exception. Some of them were nestled up at home with their families, while others went on whirlwind holidays on their own. They open up about how they are spending their Eid holidays.

  • Komla Rocket

    Komla Rocket set to launch

    Debuting director Noor Imran Mithu is on the countdown for his very first film, Komla Rocket. Based on the short stories Moulik and Cyprus by Shahaduz Zaman, Komla Rocket is a film that revolves around a ship

  • Popular Actor Mosharraf Karim

    Ten Times the fun in ‘Jibon Babur Chithi’

    Mosharraf Karim's presence in TV dramas has never failed to amaze his audience. This time he is going to bring something more versatile for us. In a TV drama named Jibon Babur Chithi, Mosharraf is going to

  • Mosharraf Karim

    Mosharraf Karim greeted by army of fans in Kolkata

    Television actors usually have have a niche following of national viewers. However, actor Mosharraf Karim discovered to his pleasant

  • Mosharraf Karim

    Mosharraf Karim takes time off

    Small screen heavyweight Mosharraf Karim is taking a month long sabbatical from filming due to medical reasons. His doctor had earlier advised him to recuperate at home in August when his health suddenly declined. However, after a break of a few days, the actor returned to the sets.

  • Mosharraf Karim on Jhamela Unlimited

    Mosharraf's “Jhamela Unlimited” journey

    “Jhamela Unlimited” has been an audience favourite ever since its pilot episode went on air. The Rtv comedy series will air its 200th

  • Mosharraf's “Target 2nd Honeymoon” on Ekushey TV

    Ekushey TV's special seven-day long Eid special programming includes Eid mini-series “Target 2nd Honeymoon” written by Tarik Swapan, and directed by Shamin Zaman.

  • Mosharraf Karim

    Mosharraf Karim and Alvee in “Van Bostro Bitan”

    Seasoned actor Mosharraf Karim and Alvee were seen in a single episode TV play and in a TV play series. Now the duo is going to work in an Eid special venture.

  • Mosharraf's golden school days

    Successful TV actor Mosharraf Karim has earned fame for his on screen characters.

  • Mosharraf Karim

    Mosharraf Karim - To Dominate The Silver Screen Again

    After creating worldwide buzz across numerous international film festivals, “Jalaler Golpo” actor Mosharraf Karim is set to appear on the...

  • Mosharraf and Jui Karim in Khudha

    Real-life couple Mosharraf and Jui Karim will star in tonight's single-episode TV play “Khudha”, that airs tonight on Maasranga TV at 7:40pm.

  • I take a long nap after Eid prayers: Mosharraf Karim

    Successful TV actor Mosharraf Karim can't take a breather until he finishes shooting for the Eid plays that he has on hand. In a recent conversation with The Daily Star, the celebrated actor talked about Eid shopping, his many assignments and more.

  • Mosharraf Karim in Ghum Babur Biye

    Mosharraf Karim in Ghum Babur Biye

    Popular actor Mosharraf Karim has paired up with Lux-Channel i Superstar Jebin for the first time for six-single episode television play “Ghum Babur Biye”.

  • Mosharraf Karim's grand reception

    “Ekti Birat Songbordhona”, a single episode TV play featuring Mosharraf Karim, Faria Shahrin, Monira Mithu, SM Mohsin and Tarik Swapan, will go on air on Rtv this Eid.