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  • Tasnim Anika

    Tasnim Anika

    My father, Moinuddin Ahmed is a musician and he performed for the band 'Jamming' in Chittagong back in the days. You could say that I have been exposed to modern music since childhood, and I have always wanted to be a singer. I tried my luck in the program 'Power Voice 2012' and ended up in the top 10. I would say that that was the beginning of my musical career.

  • Jessia Islam

    Jessia Islam (Model)

    I never have any particular plans for New Year's Eve beforehand. I will probably spend it with my family and friends.

  • Jannatul Ferdoush Peya

    I am done with studying law, and I am giving my exams for the license. I would ideally want to be a Barrister, as well as continue my media work.

  • Shampa Reza

    Shampa Reza

    It is indeed. I have to say that I previously have never believed in beauty pageants as such, as I still think 'beauty' is a subjective matter. I never even watched any miss world competitions.

  • Iconic Magician of Bangladesh Jewel Aich


    From my perspective, I don't find them very respectable. I will say that I respect the women participating in such contests, but the concept of such contests is an insult to women.

  • Miss World Bangladesh judge Shampa Reza exposes debacle

    As one of the judges for ‘Miss World Bangladesh 2017’, she talks about her experience with the much hyped about competition and the scandal surrounding the crowning of the winner after her personal investigation.

  • Jessia Islam and Jannatul Nayeem

    Jannatul stripped of crown, Jessia new Miss World Bangladesh

    Jannatul Nayeem, the winner of Miss World Bangladesh 2017, is stripped of the crown after controversies arose about her.