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  • Breaking the barrier

    A first-year student of philosophy at Chapainawabganj Government College, Farida Khatun believes that in Bangladeshi culture, females are too readily thought of as representatives of the moral values held by their family. “If I do anything contrary to social norms,” says the

  • Karate Olympic debut shines light on martial art

    Hollywood may have kicked karate onto the world stage, but its first-ever Olympic inclusion at the Tokyo 2020 Games promises to shine a light on the rich history of the discipline.

  • Are martial arts clubs adding punch to the jihadist cause?

    Combat sports are booming around the world but in France increasingly draw the attention of intelligence services hunting potential jihadists.

  • [WATCH NOW] Rubel returns with bigger, tougher looks!

    When you think about a martial arts hero of Hollywood, you think of Bruce Lee. Likewise, when you think of a martial arts hero of Dhallywood—the name of Rubel pops up.

  • Sparring with Taekwando: Children earn their belts and confidence

    A mother always enjoys spending time with her children. But learning something together is double the fun, especially if it is something interactive and hands-on like the martial arts Taekwando, the art of Korean self-defence.

  • Way of the ninja

    Surrounded by 60 people, ninjutsu practitioner Nachum Kaplan knelt with his eyes closed, too nervous to breathe.The master stood behind him with a training sword, ready to cut down with killer intent.