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  • Bangladesh Bank

    BB asked to form committee to find out loopholes in lending, loans recovery

    The High Court (HC) has ordered Bangladesh Bank to form a nine-member committee with experts of the banking sector to find out loopholes in lending and recovery of loans.

  • 11 Large Borrowers: BB paves way for fresh rescheduling

    In a reversal of its stance, Bangladesh Bank yesterday paved the way for 11 large business groups to reschedule their loans even though they restructured their loans four years ago on condition of regular repayments.

  • Bangladesh High Court

    Good punished, bad rewarded

    Borrowing large amounts from banks, some people set up industries in the country with a portion and launder the rest to other countries, the High Court observed yesterday, adding that those people consider the countries to be their second home.

  • Loan Scams in Bangladesh

    Defaulters have the last laugh

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, the influen-tial physicist Albert Einstein once said. And this quote comes to mind when one glances through the Bangladesh Bank’s latest policy for defaulters. Issued on May 16, the notice is an extended

  • Saving our ailing banking sector

    Saving our ailing banking sector

    Bangladesh's banking sector faces a number of major challenges including rising nonperforming loans, credit concentrations, poor

  • Bangladesh Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal

    Loan Defaulters: Top 20 named in parliament

    As of December last year, there were 2,66,118 loan defaulters in the country, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal informed parliament yesterday.

  • Finance Minister AMA Muhith

    Govt may unmask loan defaulters thru' media

    The government will consider unmasking bank loan defaulters through the media, said Finance Minister AMA Muhith yesterday in

  • Bank interest rates

    Borrow money, never pay back

    It was a time when politics played havoc with the economy.