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    Standing on the bank of the Buriganga in Old Dhaka, Islampur still remains a commercial hub for wholesale trade of fabrics

  • Fund dispute led to muezzin killing

    Police have arrested four suspects of the murder of Jabbu Khanam mosque muezzin in the capital's Islampur over two weeks ago.

  • Muezzin killed inside mosque

    Unidentified assailants stabbed a muezzin to death inside a mosque in Old Dhaka's Islampur yesterday.

  • Muezzin killed inside Old Dhaka mosque

    Unknown assailants have stabbed dead a muezzin inside a mosque in Old Dhaka’s Islampur area. Police recovered the body from the stairs of the mosque. However, any motive behind the murder is yet to be ascertained.

  • 4 ‘robbers’ hurt in ‘gunfight’ with cops in Gazipur

    Four suspected robbers are injured in a reported gunfight with detectives during a robbery incident at a sweater factory at Kadda Islampur in Gazipur city.

  • Man shot in Dhaka

    A group of armed men shot an elderly man in the leg in Dhaka.