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  • woman-in-the-workplace

    What it means to be a woman in the workplace

    It is rare for women to be at the top, period. And even rarer for that woman to have worked their way to the top—more commonly, those who hold privileged positions often inherit their family businesses. Here, we feature women in diverse industries who have worked their way to the top, in a man’s world.

  • High Court

    Woman jailed for 20 years released on Women’s Day

    The High Court (HC) on the occasion of International Women’s Day grants bail to a 45-year-old woman, who has been serving in jail for last 20 years in an abduction case.

  • Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on International Women's Day 2018 Observance

    Bangladesh women proved they can, says PM

    Mentioning that Bangladesh's women have proved that they can achieve any success like their male counterpart, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says.

  • Chirkut Band

    Chirkut to perform International Women's Day Concert

    UN Women, the entity of the United Nations that works for gender equality, has organised a concert on March 8 at Mukto Moncho in Rabindra Sarobar to celebrate International Women's Day, says a press release. Chirkut, one of the most popular bands in Bangladesh, will perform in the concert on the theme of “Women, Peace and Security”.

  • International Women's Day 2018

    How do you calculate a woman's worth?

    It's hard to tell how old Minara Begum is - she could pass off as a 19-year-old although she is probably in her mid twenties. If you ask she will give you an embarassed smile revealing the dimples on her pretty face as she remarks - 'I can't tell - maybe 16 or 17'. She lost her parents as a child and was brought up by relatives. Her brother married her off to a rickshaw puller who goes to work when he feels like it - the rest of the time he just stays at home. Meena of course does not have such luxury - she must work as a house maid every single day - except when she or one of the children is sick. She has two little children, rent to pay for a small shack in a slum and for daily groceries she has to buy on her way home.