The debt supercycle comes to China

Could the debt woes of Country Garden, the behemoth Chinese real-estate developer now facing billions of dollars in losses, augur the cycle’s next turn?

Disaster risk finance is the way to go

The concept is expected to reduce losses and damages associated with the sudden onset of climate disasters.

A guide to planning your finances as a college student

Planning your finances as a college student can be challenging enough.

2023 will be the year of inflation and financial turpitude

While the government is distracted by elections, the financial economy will suffer

Student banking services: A necessity for the next generation

Among the many benefits of a student bank account, students are able to conduct banking transactions from remote locations. Applying for loans to pursue higher education, zero maintenance fee, reward points, and multi-currency debit/credit cards are just some of the major benefits of a student bank account.

Financial Feminist – the podcast to answer your money struggles

Money expert Tori Dunlap swoops in almost like a superhero with her podcast Financial Feminist.

What You Must Do Before Going to Hajj

Hajj is one of the main rituals of Islam, and it takes tremendous physical and mental effort, as well as spiritual dedication. Because of the nature of it, like all types of pilgrimage, it can be quite challenging and requires certain preparations too. It's not a matter that can be taken lightly or suddenly decided upon. Hajj demands thorough and meticulous preparation that takes time.

Curfew in Sri Lanka: Shoot-on-sight ordered

Sri Lanka’s defence ministry yesterday ordered troops to shoot on sight people involved in looting or damaging property, a day after mobs targeted the homes of ruling-party politicians.

Budget FY 2022-23: Tackling challenges of inflation and Covid losses

It appears normal service will resume with fiscal 2022-23’s budget, which will see the return of double-digit growth in size -- a practice introduced by former finance minister AMA Muhith.

June 5, 2015
June 5, 2015

Revenue collection target high but achievable: Muhith

Finance Minister AMA Muhith says the revenue collection target of the proposed for fiscal 2015-2016 is high, but achievable.

April 13, 2015
April 13, 2015

Redefining goals of the upcoming budget

THIS is the time of the year that draws the attention of most people on economic and financial matters. The Finance Ministry and the National

April 12, 2015
April 12, 2015

Political turmoil ate up $2.2b in 3 months

Bangladesh suffers a financial loss of around $2.2 billion in the last three months due to political turmoil, according to a World Bank report.

April 5, 2015
April 5, 2015

Political unrest causes 0.55pc GDP loss: CPD

Political unrest during January to mid March of the current year has caused for a gross domestic product (GDP) loss of 0.55 percent or Tk 4,900 crore, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

March 4, 2015
March 4, 2015

The Hurt of the Average

WE are objective and neutral in our assessment when it comes to sourcing”, announced a brand's moderator in a conference held for the benefit of twenty global manufacturers in Hong Kong forty-eight hours ago. Sitting right by the Harbour with a splendid view of the waves crashing against the rocks, the meeting soothed most of us while we listened to the stories from the other readymade garment suppliers from the other parts of the world, namely Pakistan, India, China and Myanmar.

March 4, 2015
March 4, 2015

When Politics Stifles Economic Growth

THE significance of political factors on economic performance is well established in the theoretical and empirical literature. Channels of political impact on the economy are many. Political instability takes a toll on economic growth through lower investment and subdued economic activities.