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  • US Ambassador in Dhaka Marcia Bernicat

    Countries should share info on militancy: Bernicat

    Assuring to support Bangladesh in fighting terrorism, US Ambassador in Dhaka Marcia Bernicat stresses the need for sharing information about militancy among countries to curb the menace.

  • Dhaka, Washington to fight terrorism together

    Dhaka and Washington have agreed to enhance cooperation in the areas of counterterrorism and countering violent extremism through capacity enhancement.

  • Sheikh Hasina

    Help govt fight militancy

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday called on people to cooperate with the government in its fight against militancy and terrorism to maintain peace in the country. “We are taking actions against terrorism and militancy so that peace can prevail in the country. We want people's cooperation to this end,” she told parliament during an unscheduled discussion on the 67th founding anniversary of the Awami League.

  • Islamic State

    Islamic State may be down, but it's far from out

    Islamic State (IS) is losing territory, its finances are being drained and the number of foreign fighters recruited has reportedly down to a trickle, dropped by as much as 90 percent from a high of 2,000 a month in the past year.

  • All-out help in fighting terrorism

    Washington yesterday reassured Dhaka about extending all-out assistance in countering violent extremism and terrorism before it took root in Bangladesh.

  • Together, against all terrorism

    Amid the spate of attacks and killings in Bangladesh, Dhaka and New Delhi yesterday announced that they would work

  • ‘US, India to work together to help Dhaka fight terror'

    In the wake of the recent spate of targeted attacks on secular activists, bloggers, writers, professors and minorities, the US

  • Hasina very strong leader in fight against terrorism: US envoy

    The United States has highly appreciated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s strong leadership role in fighting terrorism, and hoped that Bangladesh will continue to demonstrate its ‘strong commitment’.

  • In the grip of madness

    Bangladesh's experience with ribald extremism and terrorism is more recent and, so far, has been less painful in terms of mass attacks or casualties. But there has been a slow, but steady gnawing at the very soul of this country.

  • Paris attacks expose failures, challenges for intelligence services

    France's security services are once again facing a harsh spotlight after failing to prevent the brutal attacks in Paris carried out by the Islamic State group.

  • Anonymous declares war on IS for Paris attacks

    The hacking group Anonymous declares war against the Islamic State for carrying out strategic bombings that killed 129 people in Paris on Saturday.

  • Many terrorists on bail

    A report in Prothom Alo has revealed an astonishing fact – a large number of suspected militants are arrested but then get bail because their bail pleas are not contested.

  • Opinion: Checkposts not enough to stop terrorism

    Cops and intelligence agencies need to be more professional and competent. And that would be possible only through depoliticisation of these institutions. Fighting terrorism is a tricky battle, which must be fought both intellectually and professionally – not by hatching conspiracy theories.

  • Arguments you cannot brush aside

    The operative words are extremism and terrorism; so what's in a name, terrorism is terrorism. The threats have always been there and to be fair to ourselves some of the major terrorist acts have not seen handing out of convictions to the perpetrators.


    The redeeming feature in these bleak circumstances though, is the Zimbabwe national cricket team's firm indication that they are visiting us next year.

  • Is the wolf just around the corner?

    The nature of the crimes tells us one thing for sure, that these are the work of professional men. Whether those men acted on their own, or on behalf of an extremist group, or a political cartel is critical because that can give us an idea at what rate the fuse is burning to set off explosion.

  • Fighting terrorism

    We endorse the Prime Minister's call for global unity against terrorism during her speech at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly, and through this column, reinforce the urgent necessity for countries around the world to come together to confront extremism of all forms for a peaceful and tolerant world.