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  • Nearly 7.5 lakh teenagers give birth every year

    The adolescent (15-19 years) birth rate in Bangladesh is still high as approximately 750,000 adolescent girls are giving birth annually, according to a new UN report.

  • PM receives two UNICEF awards

    PM receives two UNICEF awards for campaign against early marriage

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina receives two international awards given by the UNICEF in recognition to her government’s campaign against early marriage.

  • Early Marriage: A contributor to “modern slavery” in Bangladesh?

    Two recent reports depicting the state of human rights in Bangladesh point to some alarming statistics. The first report, the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics' “Report on Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics 2017”(RBSVS), came out in June 2018. Among its many findings, one relates to the prevalence of underage marriage for women.

  • Girls combating early marriage

    If educated and empowered properly, community members, especially women and girls, can do wonders in the fight against early marriage. Appropriate legal provisions and their timely implementation are important, as are appropriately designed awareness-raising campaigns at the community level.

  • School girls saved from early marriage

    Four school girls were saved from early marriage, thanks to timely intervention by the local administration in Nabinagar upazila of the district yesterday.

  • Early marriage even earlier

    Over the last five years, more women got married at a younger age while men's average age of marriage kept going up. Last year, women's average age of marriage was 18.8 years, dropping from 19.3 in 2012. During the period, that for men rose to 26.3 from 24.7.

  • Early marriage foiled in Bogra

    An attempt of early marriages is foiled in Shajahanpur upazila of Bogra.

  • In desperation

    Bithi Akter's mehendi is still peeping out from under the bandage wrapped around her wound on the left hand. The 15-year-old

  • Robbing our children of their childhood

    Jharna (not her real name), a 14-year-old girl living in Rayerbazar slum in Dhaka, fears that all her dreams may be dashed because of early marriage as she is from a community that expects girls to be married off and bear children even before they reach adulthood. Jharna, who is a child, doesn't want that.

  • Early marriage a curse

    According to UNICEF, 23,000 children would not have to die if women in the country did not give birth before the age of 20.