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  • A video grab shows a protester wielding a stick on Sunday

    Bhola mayhem: Biplob, 4 others remanded

    A court in Bhola today remanded five people in connection with Sunday’s mayhem in the district that left four people dead.

  • Bhola Mayhem over Facebook Post

    Bhola clash: Biplob’s brother-in-law ‘picked up’

    Some unknown persons, introducing themselves as detectives, have picked up the brother-in-law of Biplob Chandra Baddya, whose Facebook account was allegedly hacked and used to spread hate speech resulting in a deadly clash in Bhola, his family claims.

  • He was the victim of a plot

    The first phone call which awoke Biplop Chandra Baddya on Friday, right after lunch, may have been the most life-changing one he had ever received.

  • Clash between Police and Religious Fanatics in Bhola

    Lessons from Bhola

    We express our deepest sorrow at the loss of lives and regret the killings and injuries suffered by the people in Borhanuddin of Bhola. As a people we abhor violence and as such cannot but be sad at the loss of lives. However, we need to examine why this happened and if there is any lesson to learn for the government, the law enforcers and us as a society.

  • Local admin, cops were ill-prepared

    For two days, hate speech was spreading via Facebook messenger and the local administration and police failed to grasp the gravity of the situation and act accordingly, locals of Bhola’s Borhanuddin upazila said.


    At least four people were killed and more than a hundred others injured yesterday as a mob of religious zealots clashed with police in Bhola’s Borhanuddin upazila over a hate conversation spread through Facebook messenger.