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  • Change maker: Farmer lays a road for his village

    It all began with a simple thought -- the villagers need a road to go to the nearest market, but there is none. Nor did the local administration take any initiative. So Mohammad Chhainuddin, a farmer, took it upon himself to build one.

  • Dr Ehsan Hoque with underprivileged and orphaned children

    Change Maker: Eyes in distress, eyes of hope

    Ehsan Hoque was lucky not to be blind for life, after his birth in 1964. Born with congenital cataracts, an optical disorder responsible for child blindness, he could survive with a limited eyesight. However, unlike most other victims of child blindness because of infections or nutritional deficiencies in pregnancies, his story was to unfold completely differently over the next five decades. His eyes in distress would eventually transform him into an angel parent of children in distress.

  • Home of hope

    It was the year 2010. After the demise of her parents, six-year-old Nargis Akter found shelter in one of her relatives' house. Yet, 'shelter' was the least of what she had gotten. The ill-fated little girl was compelled to do laborious household work, and often faced physical abuse from those she was living with.

  • Not a lonely fight, anymore

    Shahana Chowdhury kept going back to the story of her 25-year-old son’s recent Hong Kong visit and repeatedly said how proud she was to have seen her autistic child along with 10 others win the best performance award in a cultural programme there. Her excitement was mixed with gratitude for Begum Nur Jahan Dipa, special educator at the Parents Forum for the Differently Able (PFDA)-Vocational Training Centre, who made it possible.

  • For children with cancer

    What makes a mother special? A mother showers her child with unconditional love and holds hands whenever needed. Mothers sacrifice their own comfort for the baby and expect nothing in return.

  • Of delectably different guy

    Head towards Chuadanga for six kilometres from Jhenidah town and you would reach a small bazaar called Nagarbathan. Ask anyone about Jahir Raihan.