Brick kilns in Bangladesh | The Daily Star
  • Unscrupulous traders cut down, chambol, rain trees for use as fuel on Manpura island

    Trees felled to feed brick kiln

    Defying laws, some unscrupulous traders are cutting down trees to fuel a brick kiln in Manpura Island of Bhola, locals alleged.

  • Despite legal ban, many kiln owners employ underage workers

    Brick kilns' child labour problem

    Pabitra Roy, who secured GPA-5 in PEC and JSC exams, spends six months of a year working at a brick kiln to pay for his studies as well as support his family.

  • Brick kilns top polluter

    Brick kilns are the top air polluter in seven major cities in the country, particularly during dry season when most bricks are made, turning the air quality of these metropolises “severely unhealthy”.

  • Shun burnt bricks to save topsoil

    The country must immediately start using environment-friendly alternative hollow blocks instead of conventional bricks to save its fertile topsoil and conserve environment, experts and top officials said at a discussion yesterday.

  • Save topsoil

    To protect topsoil and the environment, the government must immediately spearhead a campaign for using alternatives of conventional bricks, said experts at a seminar in the capital yesterday.

  • Brick kiln menace

    Every day many children make their way to schools in Kamalganj upazila of Moulvibazar, Sylhet, under thick, black clouds of smoke

  • Brick kilns king among air pollutants

    Very few of the brick kilns in Bangladesh - approximately 7,000, according to government estimates -- have been constructed following proper design and environmental rules, according to experts.