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  • Lalmonirhat birds killed

    Over 100 birds poisoned to death in Lalmonirhat

    Over 100 birds of different species, including pigeons and sparrows, are poisoned to death allegedly by a rice mill owner in Aponpara area of Lalmonirhat town.

  • 150 birds rescued

    150 birds rescued in Chattogram city

    More than 150 birds of different species have been rescued from a market at Riazuddin Bazar in Chattogram city.

  • 651 birds rescued

    651 birds rescued

    A total of 651 birds of different species have been rescued from Savar and the capital’s Kamrangirchar.

  • Welcoming a winged newcomer

    Birdwatchers across Bangladesh already have an abundance of bird species to watch, photograph and marvel at. However, every now and then, one will get lucky enough to find a new addition to our already blossoming flora and fauna.

  • New denizen in Bangladesh bird terrain

    New denizen in Bangladesh bird terrain

    A few Bangladeshi photographers captured shots of a new species of bird for the first time in the country. It is a Chestnut-cheeked starling that breeds in parts of Japan and nearby Russia.

  • Intelligent males may make female birds swoon: Study

    Male birds are often the ones with the most vibrant feathers, or the most elaborate songs, but researchers says that what lady birds could really appreciate is a male who shows his intelligence.

  • The Woolyneck comes home

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the globally vulnerable Asian-Woolynecked stork had begun disappearing from East Bengal, now Bangladesh, after which the Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh termed this species of stork “a former visitor of Bangladesh”.

  • The silent spirit of the skies

    We awoke before sunrise to the sound of rain and the smell of wet earth, slightly worried about the trail that we were taking for the

  • The silent spirit of the skies

    We awoke before sunrise to the sound of rain and the smell of wet earth, slightly worried about the trail that we were taking for the

  • Nature Quest: Birds of the beel

    Like a reverse oasis, parcels of land in Mohadanga area in Chapainawabganj have emerged from the depths, being the solitary spot for

  • Nature Quest: Bond with the birds

    Raba Begum, headmaster of Jogiborth Govt Primary School in Nodiachad Baor of Alfadanga upazila in Faridpur, transitions into a

  • Three jailed for hunting wild birds

    Three bird hunters, held with wild birds at Agdigha village in Natore Sadar upazila, were sentenced to jail on Friday evening.

  • Indo-Chinese Roller: Tale of a 'new bird'

    Bangladesh now boasts a new bird and even more fortunately, it is often seen in Dhaka city. The bird is not a new arrival but has

  • Nature Quest: Our last Great Hornbills

    If you have been to Bandarban town, you have probably seen a sculpture of a massive bird with a large bill sitting proudly in

  • Nature Quest: Grey peacock-pheasant of our hill forest

    The Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary in Rangamati, rarely visited by tourists or researchers, is beautiful with mighty garjan and civit trees and home to hundreds of Hill Mynahs and families of Hoolock Gibbons.

  • Close to nature, on the city outskirts

    On this chilly Friday morning, you may enjoy a stroll through warm sand dunes without going far from the city centre. This little known white expanse of flat sand is on the other side of the Buriganga and incredibly close to city dwellers. From Dhaka Zero Point you may cycle to this lustrous area in less than 30 minutes on holidays. You take the Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge to cross the river and turn left to follow a narrow asphalt road, which leads you to a place called Sowarighat some two to three kilometres away. Stretches of fallow land are all around Sowarighat. A branch of Buriganga once flowed through it and people took boats to cross that rivulet. Now the rivulet is dead and you cross it walking over an earth dam.

  • How birds see straight (video)

    Swans beat their wings five times per second, and yet their heads stay remarkably still. How is this possible?

  • Where have all the Hornbills gone

    A discovery of unique hornbill migration behavior

  • Indian bird seller

    Birds can't be kept in cages: Delhi HC

    Delhi High Court says birds have the fundamental right to "live with dignity" and fly in the sky without being kept in cages or subjected to cruelty,