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    Garment workers' struggle to find affordable housing

    The garments industry plays a crucial role in our economy. The welfare of the 4.2 million workers in this industry is vital for our achievement of middle-income status.

  • Garment workers health care

    Health issues of RMG workers need attention

    Garment workers have received a fair share of attention over the last few years due to their poor working conditions, low wages and benefits, and inadequate facilities at their factories of employment.

  • Suspended in name, ‘blacklisted’ for life

    Arif Hossain* has been worried about his future since his name and photo was put on a list of “suspended” workers outside his garment factory in Ashulia in the middle of January.

  • Garment workers

    RMG Unrest: No 'innocent' to be sacked

    No “innocent” garment worker would be suspended, but those who got involved in criminal activities during the weeklong labour unrest would be punished, the BGMEA president said yesterday.

  • BGMEA press briefing

    Join work tomorrow or factories will be shut: BGMEA

    All garment factories in the country will be kept shut for an indefinite period if the protesting workers do not return to their workplaces by tomorrow, the president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) says at an emergency press briefing in Dhaka.

  • Germany stands beside agitating workers

    Germany stands beside the agitating readymade garments workers of Bangladesh, calling for an end to “police suppression” on them.

  • police action in Gazipur

    RMG unrest: Journo hurt in ‘cop action’ in Gazipur

    A journalist of a private television channel is allegedly beat up by police during a chase and counter chase with protesting garment workers on Dhaka-Mymensingh highway in Gazipur.

  • Crushing spirit

    Crushing the spirit

    The minimum wage of garments workers has been declared at Tk 8,000 per month—and it seems, at this point, it is a signed and sealed deal. City life is going as is.