agitation of RMG workers | The Daily Star
  • RMG workers block busy Tejgaon road

    Several hundred workers of a readymade garment factory yesterday blocked the capital’s Satrasta intersection for over two hours, protesting the dismissal of some 66 of their colleagues.

  • RMG workers now in fear of reprisals

    Garment workers in Ashulia and Savar industrial zones now fear harassment and also termination from their jobs after normalcy returned yesterday following eight days of unrest over wage disparity.

  • Why Are Workers On The Streets?

    Since January 6, garments workers in Mirpur, Uttara, Ashulia and Savar have been protesting on the streets (as of this issue going to print on January 9). Earlier, prior to the elections, garment workers had also protested in different industrial areas, in limited capacities. Why are workers protesting now—three months after the new minimum wage was declared?