Pahela Baishakh 1430

Pahela Baishakh 1430

Opinion / Why the backlash against Mongol Shobhojatra is worrying

The backlash against Pahela Baishakh and broader Bengali culture is unlikely to be resolved any time soon.

The beauty of Bangla calligraphy

What comes to mind when you hear the word calligraphy? Probably, the fluid artistic representation of the Arabic alphabets, the oriental delight that is the Chinese script, or English letters in Gothic font with extravagant curves.

Fresh fashion trends for Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bengali calendar, is a vibrant celebration of culture and heritage that falls on 14 April and is celebrated with unmatched enthusiasm among Bengalis all over the world.

The evolution of BaishakhI celebrations

As the first day of the Bangla calendar, Pahela Baishakh is celebrated with festivity, enthusiasm, and interest. The Baishakhi celebration is colourful and has become a significant part of our culture, so much so that it has transcended borders. Like all things, Nababarsha too has a history and it has influenced how the event is celebrated.

Rich history and tradition of our sweets

Taking a sweet voyage across our country would unveil so many hidden gems within our culinary trove. Starting with the central hub,

Bedazzled by Bengal / Editor’s Note

Pahela Baishakh is a reminder of our rich culture and beauty and we welcome the Bengali New Year with celebrations of our tradition in all its magnificence and glory.