Pahela Baishakh 1429

Pahela Baishakh 1429

Satyajit Ray, Tagore and the timeless Charulata

A generation or two has passed since its release. Here’s why we, as the current generation, ought to go back to this classic.

#Perspective / … About a boat

A foggy winter morning with no indication of the sun coming out any soon, you see three large country boats slowly making its way through the creeks of the mighty Padma.

Rickshaw painting a dying art form?

Not many things scream quintessentially Bangladeshi as does rickshaw art. Seeing the vibrant colours, picturesque designs,

#fashion / The saga of Rickshaw Art and its entry into fashion

‘Bhepu, Thamun, Bajan’ a common catch-phrase in pedicabs or rickshaws of the eighties, is now doing its fashion rounds on tee shirts.

Satyajit, Madhabi and Tagore: the masters craft Charulata

“Did you read Noshto-neer?” Satyajit Ray asked over the phone. “I am sending it to you. Read it.”

#Perspective / What’s the “Dhaka” magic?

There is no doubt that in terms of the public conscious of Bangladesh, being the capital of the country for 50 years, and the administrative headquarters of the region for much longer,

Dawn of a new Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh is back, so is the promise of a new year that it never fails to bring. After a two-year gap forced by the pandemic precautions, we are once again set to celebrate this very Bengali festival with all the fervour and gaiety it demands.