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  • Major General Sheikh Md Monirul Islam

    Mobile financial services: Strengthen compliance with anti-money laundering, anti-terror financing measures

    The novel coronavirus has accelerated the global trend towards a cashless economy. The growth of e-commerce and the ease of contactless payment options amidst the fear of paper money contamination with the virus have further boosted the scope of digital transaction.

  • Mobile Financial Services - Special Issue

    Mobile Financial Services - Special Issue

  • Freedom at your fingertips

    During his childhood, Md Mujbur Rahman would see his mother waiting for days to receive money sent by his father through the post office from Adamjee Jute Mills, the then biggest operational jute mill in the world.

  • Going cashless for a day

    In the middle of an ongoing pandemic, the use of cash transactions imposes various risks. I have found it very difficult to switch to completely cashless transactions.

  • The future of mobile financial services in Bangladesh

    Mobile financial services are already growing at a fast clip in Bangladesh. If interoperability among operators and compliance is ensured, the service’s cost is brought down, and a level-playing field is guaranteed, the industry will reach a new height.

  • Mobile money in the COVID-19 pandemic

    The most defining perk of using Mobile Financial Services (MFS) is being able to use mobile phones to access financial services and execute financial transactions. Put simply, cashless payment makes life easier.