Martyred Intellectuals Day 2017

Martyred Intellectuals Day 2017

Pakistani Viewpoint: Killing of Bengali Intellectuals

From December 10, 1971 with active support of the Pakistan Army the young members of Al-Badr, the secret killing squad of Jamaat-e-Islami, started its operation to pick up the leading intellectuals of the country and confine them in

The Killing of Intellectuals in the Shadow of Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger meticulously evaded the tragic events of the then East Pakistan. His strange diplomatic move deferred and delayed the surrender of Pakistan Army, and paved the way to the brutal killing of intellectuals on December 14, 1971.

My Father, Jitendra Lal Dutta

The 14th of October, 1971. It was 4:25AM in the morning, in the last few weeks of the Liberation War. The calls to morning prayer were about to begin. Lying in bed I heard someone knocking on the main door of our home in Barisal.


December 14 will always be remembered as a black day in our history. The killing of our intellectuals by the occupation army of Pakistan and their cohorts on the eve of our victory stands out as the most horrendous and atrocious of acts

My brother Badsha Alam Sikder

A book is going to be published about the engineers who sacrificed their lives in our Libeartion War. It is so unfortunate that no genuine steps have yet been taken from the Bangladesh government to remember their contributions to the country.

Kasim Uddin Ahmad - A True Humanist

In 1946, I was a student of Class VI at Pabna Zilla School. That was an era of slogans like Ladke Lenge Pakistan or Bande Mataram. In the midst of the year, a new head Mawlana (Islamic teacher) joined our school, perhaps, having transferred from Jalpaiguri. His name was Kasim Uddin Ahmad.

My great mentor, Dr Kalachand Roy

That was the moment when I embarked into the college life leaving the high school years. My everyday mode of transportation for the long and wearisome road was rickshaw.