Development Impact of Remittances

Development Impact of Remittances

Realising the true potential of remittances

Engaging the country’s vast number of migrant workers and non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) in the national development process could open up a new area of economic development.

Fin-tech promises buoyancy in remittance inflow

Remittance flow into Bangladesh will turn around in the long term helped by the rapid expansion of fin-tech-based companies despite the ongoing hiccups facing the key source of foreign currency for the country.

Decent work and migration: The path towards sustainable remittance growth

Twenty-eight-year-old Ahmed Jamal, from Barishal, was working as a labourer in Oman since 2018. He was forced to return to Bangladesh during the pandemic. As a result, he lost his primary source of income along with the hefty recruitment fee he had paid to secure the job initially.

Leveraging remittances for driving the next stage of growth

Remittances have multipurpose positive effects on rural economies, which enhances Bangladesh’s inclusive growth, according to economists.