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In today’s world, digitisation is an inescapable reality. Although primarily talked about in the context of the more advanced countries, digitisation is uniquely impacting the lives of millions in this part of the world.

How IT innovations are transforming lives

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade that is pregnant with a plethora of transformative possibilities with anything from artificial intelligence, bio-engineering, distributed ledger or blockchain and genetics to predictive healthcare, quantum computing, re-usable rockets and virtual reality; the world as we knew in the last couple of decades is destined to transform right before our eyes in leaps and bounds.

The inclusivity paradox of the digital age

Behind every “age”, as if by definition, lies a spark. Ironically, although the “digital age” may be the most profound of them all, as deducible from its own so-called “digital revolution”, its time-span is too fluid and that “revolution” is more revolutionary linguistically than it is on the ground.

Poverty and Exclusion

The poverty rate in Bangladesh in the fiscal year 2018-19 was 20.5 percent, announced Planning Minister MA Mannan on December 16, citing the latest projection of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Sustainable development goals: Realities and illusions

The title of this article should not mislead you; the title is just to provoke you to think seriously and act boldly.

Education and employability in the digital age

“Human resources—not capital, nor income, nor material resources—constitute the ultimate basis for wealth of nations.

Informal economy and economic inclusion

The definitions vary globally, but essentially the informal economy means economic consists of activity that takes place outside the formally regulated structures.

Digital revolution: Prospects and preparations

The digital revolution is shaping ways and means of people and planet by blurring fence lines amongst physical, digital, and biological worlds.

Reporting live from the future, Circa 2021, 2031 and 2041

Imagine you’re aboard a time machine and have just been whisked first to the year 2021, then to 2031, and finally to 2041, marking the 50th, 60th and 70th anniversaries of the independence of Bangladesh.

Financial inclusivity and the banking sector

Financial reforms have been on a reverse gear in Bangladesh. The latest being the announcement to return to a regime of interest rate repression.

Financial inclusion: Banking going beyond banks

Despite a lot of loud discussions regarding financial inclusion, a large number of people in Bangladesh are far from being granted access to basic financial services, making financial inclusion development an essential project in the country.