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  • Imtiaz A Hussain

  • Back to a future jungle?

    Green is “the colour of nature and health,” according to Jacob Olesen, a Dane lover of colours.
  • Iconoclast Donald J Trump?

    To any question whether the US president and commander-in-chief is working against the country, Donald J Trump's tenure already supplied an overwhelming positive answer, even before he dramatised them all in Finland during mid-July 2018. We just preferred to look away.
  • Thinking the unthinkable: A 'Chinese' Century?

    Henry Luce deserves more than the credit he gets for predicting the “American Century” (in Life magazine, February 1941). That was after the League of Nations was unceremoniously buried, but before both the Pearl Harbor bombings, which awakened a slumberous and isolationist United States (that is but a slight exaggeration...
  • From Russia With Fatal Love

    Ian Fleming's trademark narrative has returned: Russia playing the same old game he wrote so much about (if one remembers James Bond, his boss, M, and their Soviet obsession).
  • Canada's US dilemma

    Every time Donald J Trump berates Canada, the friendliest neighbour any country could have, those Gerry Rafferty/Joe Egan lyrics from a Stealer's Wheel song rings through my mind.