Syed Saad Andaleeb | The Daily Star
  • Syed Saad Andaleeb

    Former Vice Chancellor of BRAC University and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University.

  • The Covid-19 vaccine: panacea or enigma?

    As the deadly Covid-19 virus continues to climb the grisly charts, an intense race is already on, globally, to discover the next vaccine, the next panacea.
  • Education and employability in the digital age

    “Human resources—not capital, nor income, nor material resources—constitute the ultimate basis for wealth of nations.
  • Changing the shy world of adolescent girls

    Back in 2017, we had an opportunity to build a small and experimental toilet in Jhalokati, with the simple intention of helping adolescent girls in a rural school who had no real toilet to avail.
  • Academia’s global standing: The research imperative

    Recently an M Phil student, studying service management of hospital patients, emailed: “Sir, I am doing descriptive type of cross-sectional study and I am not testing any hypothesis.
  • Listening to Student Voices

    Academic programmes across the world are becoming increasingly innovative, competitive and challenging. They are responding to changing times. There is also the realisation that, built in the right spirit, universities can generate enormous social capital and rich economic dividends.