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  • Habibullah N Karim

  • Bangladesh and the ongoing technological revolution

    In the last one year the coronavirus pandemic has infected more than a hundred million and killed more than two million people around the globe—the pandemic is not yet done.
  • Do mothers ever leave us?

    We are brought into this world by our mothers with whom we have an inseparable “biome” connection.
  • Winners and losers in a Covid-19 economy

    The novel coronavirus started to expand into all corners of the globe from the very beginning of this calendar year, as the whole wide world watched the silent spread of the contagion from those affected in Wuhan, China—the origin of the scourge—and then from returning nationals in various parts of the world.
  • Can Covid-19 make us stronger?

    There is an old saying that “what does not kill you makes you stronger”.
  • The youth of Bangladesh shine on the world stage

    In the last four months, the country has been swept up in the shadowy spectre of the coronavirus, snuffing the life out of our near and dear ones before their time. Lockdowns, sanitisers, face masks and social distancing have dominated public discourses of late.