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  • Manzoor Ahmed

  • When and how can schools reopen?

    On June 14, the ministry of education extended school closure, imposed on March 18 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to August 6. Earlier, the prime minister had said the closure may continue to September.
  • A Pedestrian Education Budget

    It is disappointment again for the advocates of education who have been pleading for stronger public commitment to education. The new budget maintains Bangladesh’s record for having one of the lowest allocations in South Asia and among developing countries for education as share of GDP and of the national budget. Moreover, there is no sign of an education rescue and recovery plan to offset the impact of the pandemic.
  • Post-Corona “New Normal” in Schools

    We have to talk about the post-corona time, even though Bangladesh has not reached the peak in infection and deaths caused by the pandemic.
  • Tertiary education during Covid-19 and beyond

    Four million students of tertiary education in Bangladesh—in over 5,000 institutions including public and private universities, affiliated colleges, and professional institutions—are in shutdown, which will continue until September if the situation does not improve.
  • Managing schools, learning and student wellbeing during Covid-19

    Schools throughout the country, with some 3.7 million students and over a million teachers, are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The ongoing shutdown is likely to continue beyond the approaching Ramadan until the end of May. So what can we say about the millions of students, their learning and their wellbeing?