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  • A business leader of incorruptible integrity

    I received a short message on my phone just before noon on July 1 but could not notice it properly due to office work.
  • Financial inclusion: Banking going beyond banks

    Despite a lot of loud discussions regarding financial inclusion, a large number of people in Bangladesh are far from being granted access to basic financial services, making financial inclusion development an essential project in the country.
  • Revamping Bangladesh’s insurance sector

    As Bangladesh has covered considerable ground into achieving the coveted middle-income country status, a robust insurance sector will be vital in consolidating the growth story.
  • Preparing for post LIBOR era

    A few weeks back, I attended a financial sector specialist meet at New York. Apart from rapid technology transformation issues, a major discussion took place about transitioning from LIBOR to a new order, popularly termed as IBOR or Inter-bank Offered Rate, to shift the power from traders to finance or independent units for rate fixation.
  • Should Bangladesh copy Aadhaar?

    Aadhaar is a one-time identity card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) free of cost for all residents of India, making it the world’s largest biometric identification programme.