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The topic of current quality standards of Bangladeshi films has already been discussed previously. However, one topic remains out of the discussion, and that's not fair because it's just as important as any of the others we have discussed before. This neglected matter is theaters. Theaters are an integral part of any film culture, because that's where the audience gets to see the films made by the industry, so it serves as the medium through which the filmmakers connect with the audience.

The movie business is built up of business being conducted through theater earnings so it's hard to underplay its importance. Nowadays, due to falling movie standards, the conditions of many of the theaters in the capital are in really bad shape. What's more alarming is that due to poor business, many of the theaters are being repurposed for other businesses. If this trend continues, it won't matter if we do make good movies because there will be no place to show it. There was a time when going to the theater was a regular activity for almost every household.

This trend needs to be brought back and that means existing theaters need to do proper renovation such as proper seats, cleanliness, etc. Another thing to improve is the devices used to project films. We live in an age of HD quality audio and video, and by comparisons, the theaters here show very poor quality videos and sound, so these need to be improved as well. And finally of course, we need more films of higher quality in terms of story and acting. Many of the glorious film production houses of old are now defunct and instead, we see that a couple of films are made simply to launder money. Salvation may finally be at hand with the introduction of the production house Dhonichitro films by Asiatic JWT. This production house concentrates on professional filmmaking and we couldn't be more pleased and we hope that this trend continues and more production houses form to create professional level films and hopefully bring about an end to the current slump of the industry.

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