King khan looks back

Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, has been away from the silver screen for over a year now. He was last seen starring in Aanand L. Rai's Zero, which did not achieve the anticipated box office hit. Recently, one of his blockbuster films, Raees, celebrated three years of its release. King Khan shared a video to thank the entire team of Raees for the hard work and also made humorous response to his absence from doing movies. He was reciting the famous Raees dialogue in the clip, where he was interrupted by someone, "Abbe, tu jaldi se picture chalu kar na! Dhandha-dhandha kar raha hai, kuch kar nahi raha! (Just start a film soon! You are talking about business, but not making any films!)."Shahrukh posted the clip captioning, "Need to take Raees advice myself...soon! Tks to whole team of Raees for making this beautiful film." Fans are eagerly waiting for their favourite Khan to be back with a great film.  



২৪ মিনিট আগে|বন্দর

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