How ChatGPT is affecting writers

Some remain fearful while others seem excited with this new tool at their disposal.

Reader submission / 7 apps to make your study sessions more productive

Keep track of all your academics through all these apps.

Stages of amateur software development

As foretold by our forefathers since age forgotten, a CS student must bring forth to the world a software.

Organising your life with apps

Technology has greatly improved our lives in the past decade with almost everything we need easily accessible in our pockets. Whether you're a student or working a 9 to 5 job, the wide variety of apps available on the Google Play Store and the App Store can help you organise your life.

Evolution of Lo-Fi

Lo-Fi (Low Fidelity) is at present incorrectly assumed to be a genre of music. During its inception lo-fi was more akin to a type of sound rather than a style of music.

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram users face outage

Facebook Inc on Monday said a technical problem prevented some users from accessing and posting on the social network as well as messaging app Whatsapp and Instagram, and it had mostly fixed the issue.

Space Stories with Dr. Tess Caswell

What if you had the opportunity to listen to stories of space exploration directly from an aerospace engineer and simulated astronaut from NASA? What if you could ask her your most pressing questions about space, ranging from the silliest to the most complex ones? On June 30, 2018, about 150 students from different universities and colleges in Dhaka were given the chance to do just that at the “Space Stories” session held at the Independent University Bangladesh.

Life after the AI takeover

Not so long ago, Google unveiled its plans of world domination. Or as they called it, Google Assistant. As a part of this demonstration, they had the AI make phone calls to set reservations. While that was impressive, that is only one of the many things you could use it for. The following are some more creative uses for it.

The Perfect Phone

Technological advancements have blessed upon us a device with unlimited utility. Let's forget about the whole modern civilization for a second and appreciate just how amazing being able to talk to someone on the opposite side of the planet really is.

A non-techie's switch from Windows to Mac

For as long as I can remember, the battle between Windows and Mac OS (R.I.P. Linux) has always been ardent. Having used literally every Windows operating system, from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 while growing up, you can pretty much say that I am an instinctive Windows person. Consequently, giving up on Windows and starting to use Mac felt like one of the harshest things I did to myself.

Internet of Things for dummies

Unlike the dull name, the prospect and scope of the Internet of Things is in reality big enough to change our world. Although this is not a new topic (the name was coined back in 1999) and there are implementations of it up and running already, the concept is still somewhat less popular in our parts of the world. This article aims at diminishing that.

A simplified guide to Android app development

What you're about to read is a generalised account of the different aspects and to-dos of developing an Android app from scratch.

Microsoft: New console, not enough games

The past few years saw Microsoft trying their very best to head into the lead in the console wars against Playstation and Nintendo.

Bytes Top 5 Headphones

Really, really great headphones you can buy for any budget

Struggles of Switching to a New Operating System

Last month I suddenly upgraded my laptop to Windows 10. Not only had I paid for it, but I also bade adieu to my favorite operating system of all time – Windows 7.

Acknowledge Your Twitter Followers

Assuming that you don't have a lot of followers, whenever someone “follows” you on Twitter, it is customary that you follow them back.

Internet Usage Guidelines

Hi, you must be new here. Welcome to the vast world that is known as the internet! Opportunities are quite literally boundless on what you can do here.

How to Waste Time on the Internet

Seeing as Facebook exists, wasting time online should be easy, right? But sometimes even social media and YouTube can get boring.