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  • If Bangladeshis romanticised summer like winter

    The migratory birds that had been successful in evading the local poachers' eyes packed their belongings and left. The dead trees are breathing again, their crowns filled with leaves.

  • A snowy day in Dhaka

    Unlike Elsa, the cold did bother me. And unlike the 'Night's Watch' from Game of Thrones, I didn't sign up for this 'sheet'. But sadly, Mother Nature had other plans for me and the rest of Dhaka as snow had descended on this mega city for the first time in forever.

  • Walking towards the edge of the planet

    Humans can embark on unrealistic measures to seek ways of validation at times. While there are a gazillion ways to be recognised in a respectable manner, I chose to sway with the opposite. Here I stand, as a changed man to share my story of guilt.

  • Subject: Please give me raise

    I'm addressing you with “dear” because you truly are a dear old fellow. The two of us have known each other for quite a while now and I consider ourselves family at this point.

  • When trees open up about humans

    Nature is more important than ever before, and trees are arguably the most valuable components of the environment. That is why, on this special occasion, we have invited three prominent trees who have come from different walks of life.

  • How to be more desirable to a guy

    Since we all know that getting male attention is the only thing that matters in a woman's life, I have compiled a list of full proof ways to achieve your life's goal.

  • A guide to getting fired

    Another 7 AM morning marks the beginning of the endless nightmare that your life has become. You slowly drag your hands across your face, tired of this cycle of exhaustion and self-hate.

  • CID went off air, and so did my life

    1997 was a year when I had no concept of criminals or law enforcers to catch said criminals. That's the same year CID aired for the first time.

  • Cricket from a football fan's perspective

    As football fans, we spend much of our time engrossed in weekly league games, UEFA Champions league(UCL) fixtures and couch FIFA matches. Majority of our entertainment revolves around the football season, spanning over the course of August to May.

  • Self-help books I wish existed

    The disillusioned intellectual raging at the world from the confines of his own room is not an uncommon character in fiction and at times in real life.