Satire / Studio planning reboot of show that hasn’t been created yet

Studios are running out of unique ideas and are taking drastic measures.

The Devil unable to rent an apartment in Dhaka amidst heatwave

For the occupants of the netherworld, Dhaka has become a rather attractive vacation spot.

Satire / Man who has never entered kitchen complains about food on Eid

Mr Gordov was saying how his wife's hours of effort in the kitchen in this scorching heat just couldn’t live up to his outrageous expectations as a Bangladeshi male.

Satire / Girlfriend breaks up with boyfriend because he’s obsessed with chikon jilapi

How obsession with chikon jilapi led to the end of a relationship.

Satire / Weather forecast department to predict weather based on Wi-Fi turbulence

The weather forecast department has decided to sell all of their expensive equipment and solely rely on the Wi-Fi router in their office to indicate chances of rain.

Satire / Scientists have discovered a new parasite and it could be your lab project partner

Like a parasite sucking on its host, Rafsan Plasmodium feasted on all his groupmates' intellect.

Boyfriend finally able to meet girlfriend from Uttara thanks to Metro Rail

Metro rail is reportedly going to unite hundreds of lovers.

New app "DuiLingo" helps students talk to professors without offending them

The solution that ends the plight of all university students.

Bangladeshi fans abandon European football for Saudi league as Ronaldo joins Al-Nassr

These fans claim that they’ve been fans of Saudi Arabian football for quite a while now.

Professional football fan outraged about commoners enjoying World Cup

Not everyone is happy with the fact that football is being enjoyed by commoners without their permission.

“Should’ve studied engineering,” says BBA student struggling with PowerPoint presentation

Sakib grew frustrated with having to prepare 10 to 15 PowerPoint presentations every semester.

5 stages of grief as my Instagram gets suspended

With Instagram accounts getting suspended, panic set in globally.

Rishi Sunak ruins kid’s life as dad finds another person to compare him with

Shadman Sakib thought his father’s taunts couldn’t get worse. 

Fans upset after celebrity didn’t ask for approval before marriage

Bangladeshi Gen-Z is having its coming-of-age moment as their behaviour transforms into the boomer spectrum.