Engineering graduate declared “parkour champion” after switching to BCS

The Office fans of Bangladesh deemed it as the greatest parkour stunt ever after Michael Scott.

New Fast and Furious movie to feature Bangladeshi highway buses

Finally, the recklessness in the Bangladeshi highway system is getting recognised.

Female beauty product company discovers misogyny as an advertising tool

Selling beauty products is similar to Bangladeshi parents dealing with their daughter’s marriage.

Scientists still can’t find source of cold air inside blanket

Quantum cold air exists only when a blanket is put on but whenever the blanket is removed for observation, the air magically disappears.

Rishi Sunak ruins kid’s life as dad finds another person to compare him with

Shadman Sakib thought his father’s taunts couldn’t get worse. 

Fans upset after celebrity didn’t ask for approval before marriage

Bangladeshi Gen-Z is having its coming-of-age moment as their behaviour transforms into the boomer spectrum.

Ignorance of what a Bigha is keeps son from participating in generational land feud

The inability to convert local measurement units like Bigha or Katha to SI has hit the new generation hard.

Two groups of students clash at university ranking celebration

What started as a celebration soon turned into tragedy.