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Dealing with exams during Ramadan

The exams we sit for in the last three years of high school are probably some of the most intense yet important part of our lives. Board examinations have somehow taken the form of a season of ‘Wipeout’ with no immediate monetary reward. There is of course no denying that these are crucial milestones of our lives which set us up for our future academic and career pursuits. Hence, there is an immense amount of pressure to perform well. With exams automatically being challenging by nature, this year most students will have the added obstacle of sitting for exams during Ramadan. Thus, exam preparation must include keeping a few factors into consideration.

Figuring out a proper sleep routine

While most students tend to cram in most of the syllabus content the night before an exam, it usually doesn’t prove to be the most effective study method. With exams being held during Ramadan, studying at night may not be the best decision. Instead, going to bed a little while after iftar and waking up during sehri could be a good alternative. Not only would it ensure a full eight hours of sleep each day, but it would also help facilitate your sleep schedule to adjust in a way that helps you feel the most energised during the exam.

Setting up a good revision schedule

While this may seem obvious regardless of the timing of the exam, a lot has to be considered when setting up an effective revision schedule. Changes in mealtime and sleep schedule usually cause our circadian rhythm to shift for the worst. Thus, our usual productive hours change and we tend to have a hard time being efficient during those hours, if at all. So, the workaround for this issue would be to find suitable timings to study. Preferably, right after sehri when most people around have retired for the night.

Remembering to stay hydrated

As redundant as it may sound, being hydrated is extremely important. This is because dehydration isn’t usually an independent concern, so not only does it affect your performance, but it usually also brings about other more serious issues. With long fasting hours and the unbearable heat, getting dehydrated is almost inevitable. Being conscious and drinking the usual eight to ten glasses of water each day, however, should help avoid dehydration and the illnesses that follow.

Eating healthy

We’ve all probably promised ourselves to eat healthy and throw out fried food from the menu for iftar. We may have even gone as far as to say that we’ll only resort to fresh fruits and vegetables. Did we make it happen though? Probably not. That shouldn’t be the case if you’re an exam candidate though. After about the first ten days of Ramadan, all the unhealthy junk food usually starts taking a toll on our health. So it is extremely easy to fall prey to food poisoning and acidity, if not some other serious illness. Maybe it’s finally time to make the healthy diet plan work!

Remembering to take a break

Amidst all the obstacles and the insane pressure to do well, it is crucial to remember to take a breather. While you have probably heard the ‘utilise your time efficiently’ and ‘make every second count’ speech at least a hundred times over, and in all the different ways possible, what most people fail to realise is that taking a break is an important aspect of being efficient and proactive especially during a time as stressful as the one you are a part of now. Schedule a few breaks every now and then to blow off some steam, to catch up on a series or just to sit and scroll through your social media account. The benefits of this may not be tangible or clear in the beginning, but it will pay off in the form of more effective study sessions and an overall better performance.

Exams are difficult and meant to challenge you, but they aren’t impossible to deal with, if planned out well. The same goes for exams during Ramadan. Remember to eat, sleep, study, breathe and you should be good to go!


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