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  • Syeda Afrin Tarannum

    Syeda Afrin Tarannum would choose 'The Script' over 'G-Eazy' any day. Continue ignoring her taste in music on:

  • A Smile of Approval

    Over the years, Shehreen often found herself looking towards her Nani when in confusion or distress. With Shehreen's Dad's untimely demise and her Mom's demanding work schedule, much of Shehreen's childhood passed in the company of her Nani.

    If you've had your eyes on them for a while, take this quiz to find out if you should make a move. Award yourself points as you go.
  • Are we treating our kids right?

    “Kids are the torch bearers of our future” – these are the words we hear often, from political speeches to assemblies in school grounds, on the note of someone trying to establish the important stakeholders for future progress of a nation.
  • Why Disney princesses are terrible role models

    It's about 11 am and you've just woken up. Since you're on your summer vacation, and school is closed, your mom doesn't wake you up too early.
  • The Philosophy of Science Fiction

    Imagine this: three people have spent their entire lives chained inside a cave, facing a blank wall, unable to turn their heads. Behind them, at the other end of the cave, is a fire that allows shadows to be cast on the wall that the prisoners are faced towards.