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  • Syeda Afrin Tarannum

    Syeda Afrin Tarannum would choose 'The Script' over 'G-Eazy' any day. Continue ignoring her taste in music on:


    In order for us to consider something to be true beyond reasonable doubt, we put it through a series of tests. This has also been the method we resort to when we need to prove the credibility of one’s knowledge.
  • Words thrown around loosely

    Language is an ever-changing thing. With the constantly evolving digital communication platforms, language has experienced immense transformation.
  • The silver lining of living with your parents

    Growing up we have all glorified the idea of moving out of our parent's homes and into our own abodes. Be it the ban on pets or the rigid
  • Phobias you don't know you have

    Were you one of those kids in school who bragged about not having any fears? Smirked at people and shamed them for being afraid of heights or spiders? Well, chances are you're not exactly Braveheart yourself. Here's a list of uncommon phobias you may actually have but aren't aware of yet.
  • A Smile of Approval

    Over the years, Shehreen often found herself looking towards her Nani when in confusion or distress. With Shehreen's Dad's untimely demise and her Mom's demanding work schedule, much of Shehreen's childhood passed in the company of her Nani.