Bel-Air: A reboot done right

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The idea of taking a beloved sitcom and reimagining it as a serious drama might seem pretty jarring, but Bel-Air manages to not only be a faithful reboot but also an excellent show on its own merit. For those unaware, this series is a dramatic remake of the classic Will Smith sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. With the second season already out, now is as right a time as any to explore what makes this show worth our time.

At its core, Bel-Air has the same premise as the original sitcom. A boy named Will Smith falls into some trouble and is sent to Los Angeles to live with his Uncle and Aunt. Due to being more serious in tone, this backstory is explored further and plays a bigger role in the overall narrative. This show takes the initial concepts of the original and presents it in a more structured and dramatised way as opposed to the episodic storytelling nature of a sitcom. 

Bel-Air manages to forge its own unique identity while paying homage to what came before. So, even if someone is not acquainted with the original, they can enjoy this series as its own thing. If we evaluate the show not as a remake but as its own unique story, we still get a compelling tale which deals with themes of family, understanding one's identity, and coping with shock and trauma. The show manages to have good enough character work and storytelling that you will always want to see what happens next.  

Of course, fans of Fresh Prince will obviously wonder how well it adapts the established characters and storylines. With some exceptions, the core idea behind each character from the original series remains mostly faithful, but with added nuances and modernisations. 

Some character changes like that of Carlton might need some getting used to, others like Hilary and Aunt Viv have much more depth than their original counterparts. Minor and supporting characters from the original series like Jazz, Lisa and Tray have expanded roles this time around too. Essentially, the dramatic nature elevates these characters, which is most evident with Will himself. This portrayal of Will has the same charm and likeability as the original, but the actor playing the character brings a lot more to the table. His dynamic with his family is also similar but explored in a new light.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is known for tackling serious themes such as racism, culture shock as well as identity from time to time, and the remake is no different. In fact, it gives further weight to those issues and manages to do more than what was possible with a comedic setting back then. 

The show manages to provide some emotional scenes as the story progresses. While such moments were prevalent in the sitcom too, Bel-Air has a deeper focus on such scenes. However, the show also has some comedic moments from time to time, and strikes a good balance between dramatic and wholesome elements.

Bel-Air is not just a simple remake. It is a love letter to the classic sitcom. It manages to reinvent the characters while still respecting the source material. Whether you are a fan of Fresh Prince, or are unfamiliar yet looking for a great drama series to watch, Bel-Air should definitely be on your radar.

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