Sabil Sadat Zahir

The struggles of being an ambivert

Being an ambivert can simultaneously be the best and worst of both worlds.

6d ago

Underrated animated movies and TV shows you should watch

Here is a list of some recent animated projects which many people may not have heard of but should definitely check out:

3w ago

Bel-Air: A reboot done right

Bel-Air is not just a simple remake, it is a love letter to the classic sitcom.

3w ago

Why videogames from the 2000s feel more fun

Some of my fondest childhood memories consist of coming home from school and spending the afternoon playing games on my PlayStation (PS) 2.

Is the Medieval Fantasy setting overused in RPGs?

Franchises like Fallout and Mass Effect prove that not all successful RPGs stay confined to the medieval setting

How not to talk to someone who’s grieving

Finding the right things to say to a grieving friend or loved one can be tricky at times.

What lies ahead for James Gunn’s DC Universe

The DCEU is beginning to see an overhaul with James Gunn.

Superman is the best kind of fictional role model

An iconic character who inspires from the confines of comic books and silver-screens.

DC's Black Adam leaves more to be desired

Heavy focus on action makes the plot and characters less endearing.

Breaking free from attachment

The trials and tribulations of moving on, and what makes it so difficult.

Jackie Chan: A maestro of comedy-action

No one does action-comedy better than Jackie Chan.

Things to know before leaving for Residential Semester at BRACU

For BRACU students leaving for their Residential Semester.

Living with self-hatred

Your body feels like a prison where your mind is your cellmate.

Exploring mental health in superhero shows

“The thing to me that’s fun is trying to make the characters seem believable, or realistic." – Stan Lee

Growing up not being a sports fan

Growing up, when your interests do not align with the rest of the crowd, you begin to feel more like an outsider.

I can’t keep up with the MCU. Here’s why.

Despite Marvel Studios not stopping churning out movies anytime soon, it is safe to say that the MCU has already run its course.

Why video game adaptations (almost) always fail

Some inherent issues make video game adaptations cursed from the get-go.

Comfort characters are our new superheroes

Comfort characters make us feel calm and happy.