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12:00 AM, October 12, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, October 12, 2017

Get your rank up in Rainbow Six: Siege

Sticking to Casual Mode because you get #rekt in Ranked? Tired of seeing your friends rake in the points while your rank dwindles? Follow these tips and you'll become a ranked pro in no time. 

Always play with a full 5 man squad: Never get into a rank queue unless you have 5 people to play with. Random player(s) might not be reliable and you'll face problems while communicating with them. The best thing would be to play with your friends or gaming buddies you are comfortable playing with. 

Learn the maps thoroughly: You have to memorize the nuances and names of all the locations. Knowing which floors are destructible and which are not is a skill that can win you a match against tough opponents. You can create a murder hole in the destructible walls by meleeing or shooting a couple of shotgun shells. It's pretty unorthodox as around 25% of all the players use this tactic.

Organize your strategies: Prepare your strategies for attack and defence before starting ranked matches. Without any strategies, you're going to face total defeat. Sort out your flanking routes in defence. An example of such a plan can be two flankers while the other three members of your squad camp the objective. In attack, clear out the flankers by working together then go for the objective. The same plans don't always work. So, keep yourself updated with the meta and adapt 

your strategies accordingly. 

Be sharp and fast in gunfights: Play with your preferred operators regularly to get used to their guns' recoil patterns. Your skill in terms of aiming and reflexes in a 1v1 gunfight will get you through from every situation, and you'll be a nightmare for your opponents to deal with. Practice flick shots, drop shots, and the most important thing, leaning. A player with good leaning skills is a force to be reckoned with. The angle at which you're leaning can make or break a gunfight. 

Prioritise staying alive over getting kills: If your K/D ratio falls, don't get frustrated. Don't start playing like a madman by blindly rushing your opponents. You have to use the cameras and drones to find out the opponents and organize your attack. Save the drones, hide them in a dark spot. Afterwards, use them to track the defenders, their gadgets, barbed wires or traps. Use Echo's Yokai or Valkyrie's cameras to watch where the attackers are coming from. The solid intel you can gain from these gadgets will help you more than playing for kills.

A lot of people tend to “tryhard” way too much in ranked games of competitive shooters. The trick is to always stay calm and take calculated risks to avoid failure. A crazy play done with a cool mind has a higher chance of succeeding than one done while you're raging at the enemy for killing you way too many times. Good luck in your future matches. 

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