D-Force Reaches Out to Students at SUB

D-Force is a sales programme from Daraz Bangladesh that looks to help university students employ themselves in freelance digital sales. As part of rolling out this relatively new concept, Daraz has been organising workshops at various universities, stopping at State University of Bangladesh last week to introduce its students to this amazing new opportunity. 

Daraz Bangladesh organised this workshop at the State University of Bangladesh's campuses from April 4 to 6, 2016. Students were told what D-Force was, how they could gain experience and financial help from this programme, and the opportunities that lay ahead in front of them. D Force helps students build up communication skills as part of a huge network of multinational online marketplaces, and the goal of this workshop was to attract as many students towards it as possible.

Present at the programme were representatives from the State University of Bangladesh: Professor Md. Ashraful Islam Chowdhury, Dean of the Business School; Professor Maj. Gen. Md. Quamruzzaman (Retd.), Head of the Business Department; Lt. Col. Khondoker Zahirul Alam (Retd.), Additional Registrar; and Nipa Saha, Assistant Professor, Department of Business.

Radin Ahmed, Head of D-Force, was also present at the workshop and he spoke about the overall process of the work done over at Daraz Bangladesh, and what D-Force hopes to achieve. He said, "D-Force is a big opportunity for students. When you're interviewing for a job, they'll look for communication skills and D-Force can help you achieve that. You are going to be the link between the customers and the company. The experience you gain here will be something worth putting on your CV, and this can always be a platform for something bigger, more exciting." 

The professors then spoke some words to encourage the students and thank Daraz for the workshop. They interacted throughout the whole workshop to help better understand the process of digital sales consultancy and ushered the students on so that could make the best use of this opportunity.

Jannatan Naima, Asst. Manager at Daraz Bangladesh, conducted the workshop and explained the whole process step by step to the students. She explained why customers would pick Daraz over a physical shop or any other online marketplace and how the students, as sales consultants, could help improve both the company's business, and the customer's level of satisfaction. Her vivacious approach to the students made them ask many questions and that brought up a lot of issues that were solved during the workshop. 

D-Force provides all the tools necessary for an individual to become an able sales consultant and develop a set of communication skills that'll help them pursue a successful career. Daraz is confident of building up a substantial workforce with necessary skills through this programme. 

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