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  • Azmin Azran

    Sub-editor, SHOUT and student of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Dhaka.

  • Editorial

    The Internet has been on my mind this week. That is not to say it isn’t on my mind constantly, every breathing second of my life is spent thinking of things on the Internet, of how to be on the Internet. I even think about how others have been on the Internet and whether I like what I see.
  • Editorial

    I often think of my time at school like a wildlife documentary. Students are the dominant species of course, owning the space, adapting to the
  • European Super League: The Death of European Football?

    11 European football giants and Tottenham announced to establish a “European Super League”.
  • Editorial

    In terms of national events, most of us won’t be experiencing anything nearly as important as the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence in our lifetimes.
  • A Secret Exchange

    "I am here, Pasha. Show yourself."