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    These are unprecedented times. It really is, I asked my parents and they don’t remember a global pandemic. I looked at the history books and
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    The pressure to be productive during this period of self-isolation is one of the daftest things I have ever seen. This is preceded by the assumption that everyone’s at home having a great time, which is also one of the daftest things
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    The study of history has been a lifelong area of interest for me. Invariably, one stumbles upon the question of what purpose it serves. A lot of people think that history repeats itself. Some people like to think history will give you a basis on which to build identities for the future.
  • Try not to breathe

    “By the time I return home, I am barely breathing. It actually feels like my windpipe is contracting and not letting any air pass through.”
  • Cool Channels for Cricket Children

    A seemingly random YouTube channel, one might watch one of their videos and be forgiven for thinking that “robelinda2” is one of