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Underrated Anime Couples

This article is not about your traditional romantic couple that everyone worships. It is about those couples that we sometimes forget. Let's get to it then.


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Krillin and Android 18 are one of those couples in the anime world who got overshadowed by power couples like Vegeta-Bulma and Goku-Chichi. The first time Krillin made an appearance on Dragon Ball Z, everyone assumed that this was one of those characters who end up having a crush on everyone but will eventually be rejected. Men who are bald in their teenage days aren't really men that we as a society deem desirable. The first time Android 18 made an appearance, we were sure she was only a machine designed to kill Goku and his friends. Android 18's love story was one that nobody saw coming. And now years later, we see their child, Marron.


Of all the unrealistic surroundings in which someone can find love, Eren and Mikasa's situation was probably the most challenging one. The anime is built around Titans who have suddenly started to emerge on Earth and mankind's desperate attempt to emerge victorious from this titan apocalypse. However, the plot cannot thrive without the surreal emotional journey that Eren and Mikasa take on throughout this apocalypse.


This one is a bit controversial because Ichigo and Orihime are not a couple. Every time someone talks about romantic couples from “BLEACH”, they either talk about Ichigo and Rukia, or Renji and Rukia. However, it is quite evident that Orihime has had feelings for Ichigo ever since she was a kid. And the journey that the two characters take us on during the last arc of the anime is certainly a testament to the “more than friendship but not quite there love” type of a relationship that Ichigo and Orihime have.


Yato is a god who decides to visit Earth. No human should have been able to see him but somehow, Hiyori saw him in the middle of a busy road and mistook him for a real human being. In her attempt to save a god from being hit by a car, Hiyori almost gave her life. This act of kindness is the beginning of the love story between Yato and Hiyori.  Though the anime is about the history of war among gods, the romantic exchanges between Yato and Hiyori are so intertwined with the plotline that it has become an indispensable part of Noragami.


Of all the couples that I mentioned till now, Celty and Shinra are the ones who intrigue me the most. Their story seems so impossible yet so relatable that it will leave you wondering what being a couple actually means. Celty is (quite literally) a headless rider and Shinra is a doctor who is helping Celty find her head. This odd love story between a supernatural creature and a doctor will leave you in awe as you get to know more about their story.


Megha is not a fan of romantic anime but she does enjoy the occasional unrealistic and overdramatic love stories. Send her your thoughts on this article at megharahman26@gmail.com

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