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  • Momotaz Rahman Megha


    The sun seems to have risen on the east but my world seems dark without cola. Breakfast wasn't hard because I am not so addicted to carbonated drinks that I would have it with morning cereal.
  • Myths About Healthy Eating

    Growing up in a Bengali household we have all come across weird theories about food that our grandmothers and mothers told us. Starting from keeping ghosts away with garlic to predicting your exam results, Bengalis love to blame or credit their food habits for what happens in their life.
  • Bangladesh University admission test Common Mistakes

    Common mistakes made during admission season

    Thirteen years of school. Two years of college. That is 5475 days of our lives spent trying to get good enough grades to get to a good university, which in turn will get us a good job.
  • People you meet on a plane

    We meet people who make us uncomfortable and are borderline annoying on a daily basis. However, when we meet the same people 30,000 feet above sea level and in a closed vessel, every action of theirs somehow become either unbelievably entertaining or makes your eyes and ears bleed.
  • Struggles of living in Mirpur

    Mirpur is a mysterious land. Even though it is located inside Dhaka, no one considers it to be a part of Dhaka city. It's the evil twin sister of The Bermuda Triangle which draws you in, sucks the life and money out of you, then tosses the body out after a few hundred hours of insane traffic. The journey to and from this land is one that which a lot of us had to go through but not many survived with their sanity intact. We all know someone who lives in Mirpur. The following features will help identify him/her.