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  • Why do mental health patients not seek help?

    According to a National Mental Health Survey, about 16.05 percent of the adult population in the country are suffering from mental disorders.
  • Love through the lens of Indian soap operas

    We have all grown up fighting over the remote control with our parents or grandparents because we would rather watch “Courage the Cowardly Dog” than
  • A day in the life of a traffic light

    Today I saw a little girl holding her mother's hand and trying to cross the road. I think she was going to school.
  • Daring things to do in Bangladesh

    Ever since Sacred Games came out, we have all wondered about that one daring task that could change our lives. If you are living in Bangladesh, there are quite a few tasks right around the corner.
  • Underrated Anime Couples

    This article is not about your traditional romantic couple that everyone worships. It is about those couples that we sometimes forget. Let's get to it then.