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  • Weird demands your faculty members make

    We have all heard the stories our seniors told us about how amazing university life is. How the torture ends after college, how university life is all about hanging out with friends, attending concerts and sitting in a coffee shop with friends and drinking overpriced and overhyped beverages.
  • Know your sleep cycle

    Among all the activities that we are supposed to perform every day, sleeping is probably the favourite among most people. The way we interact with the idea of sleep is quite interesting. It evolves as we complete different stages of our lives.
  • 5 psycho thriller anime you need to check out

    The psycho-thriller genre is one of those that have provided the anime fans with the most epic plotlines and characters. Almost every character in psycho-thriller anime, whether they are a protagonist, antagonist or just a supporting character, always has a unique and emotional appeal to the fans.

    The sun seems to have risen on the east but my world seems dark without cola. Breakfast wasn't hard because I am not so addicted to carbonated drinks that I would have it with morning cereal.
  • Myths About Healthy Eating

    Growing up in a Bengali household we have all come across weird theories about food that our grandmothers and mothers told us. Starting from keeping ghosts away with garlic to predicting your exam results, Bengalis love to blame or credit their food habits for what happens in their life.