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5 psycho thriller anime you need to check out

The psycho-thriller genre is one of those that have provided the anime fans with the most epic plotlines and characters. Almost every character in psycho-thriller anime, whether they are a protagonist, antagonist or just a supporting character, always has a unique and emotional appeal to the fans.

Here are 5 Psycho Thriller anime that I think deserves plaudits and a brief description of why you should waste your precious time watching them:

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This is one anime that gives you the perfect balance between possibilities and to what extent the possibilities could translate into reality. Psycho-Pass describes a scientific breakthrough in Japan that helped create a system known as the Sibyl which can detect the possibility of a person committing crime. This possibility is measured in the terms of “criminal coefficient” or “psycho pass”, the anime explores the relation the police and the justice system would have with the Sybil and how effective that relationship is in catching criminals. The deconstruction of how the Sybil works compared to the traditional justice system gives this anime a unique plotline.

The plot not only keeps you excited and curious about what this new world under Sibyl could like, but at the same time it explores a love-hate-mentor-apprentice relationship between Sjinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori. This anime was inspired by the 1982 American science fiction Blade Runner.


This is one anime that has its reach way beyond the regular anime fan base. Almost every 21st century kid has grown up watching this anime. What makes this anime special and one of the best psycho thriller anime of all time is the cult of personality of every single character in the series. While Kira represents a bold and ambitious form of justice, L represents the traditional and bookish way of justice.  Even though they have opposite views on what justice is, they are somehow similar in their thought process. Two geniuses with the same goal, similar personality but different approach is what drives the fans. Even though it's a psychological thriller, this anime has a lot of drama. Infact, the anime somehow made something as simple as eating potato chips into something that's unbelievably dramatic and out of the world. Like every other great anime, this too has a few annoying characters like Misa Amane who didn't really add much value to the series.

The ending of the anime is probably the most controversial aspect of it. I'm not going to give away the ending because it is something you should experience for yourself and that's what this article is for.


The reason Monster is one of the best psycho thriller anime of all time is because it appeals to not all the average teenage anime fan but at the same time attracts a more grownup and mature fan base with its storyline. Monster takes place in 1996 Germany where a doctor had to make a decision between saving the life of a mayor and a young boy. The anime looks into the chain of events that followed this decision of the doctor. The anime has action, maturity and paints a realistic picture of the lives of about 30 side characters. The only criticism for this anime is probably a lack of clarity and direction for the supporting characters that at times seemed to deviate too much from the plot line.

Though some may say that the antagonist got too little screentime in the series, other fans feel that the curiosity about the antagonist is one of the biggest selling points in the plotline.


Now, this one is not your run of the mill anime. It only has one season consisting of 12 episodes. It is simple and straightforward. The plot starts with a supernatural bar called Quindecim, where people come after they die. They don't have any memory of what happened to them. They are forced to play a game chosen randomly that challenges them to discover their true identity and get their memory back. The ones who are good get sent to a reincarnation cycle and the ones who are bad, well, they go through a lift which has devils dead hanging from the top. The bartender, Decim is the one who judges who is good and who is bad.

Every single episode is different and explores different situations in life. Each character in the anime is a reflection of the average human and the mistakes they make during their lifetime.



Last but not least, one of the most talked about anime of recent times, Tokyo Ghoul. This anime has one of the best graphic depictions in the psycho-thriller category. Tokyo Ghoul surrounds around the life of a troubled boy, Kaneki, and how he tries to adjust to the life of being a ghoul. Ghouls are flesh-eating creatures that love to stay in the dark and have superpowers. The anime has emotional storylines for each and every character and their struggle of being a “good ghoul” who tries to suppress the thirst for blood and fight off the “bad ghouls”.

While the plotline seems somewhat similar to every other psycho-thriller ever that includes people with a superpower, the very graphic depiction of struggles of a different character in trying to adjust to life as a ghoul while living in the human society is what sets this anime apart.


Megha is an anime fan. Judge all you want. You can find her at megharahman26@gmail.com

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