The coolest lowrider scale model cars

The best bang, thump and jump for buck
1:24 scale '70 Buick made by Sven's World of wheels

Lowriders are a strange automobile phenomenon that I simply cannot get my head around. The cars are intentionally customised to be low and slow. And often they jump around. Which completely seems to defeat the purpose of cars which is to move around, often quickly without jumping like a confused, caffeine addicted bunny. Then I realise cars are also works of art. They symbolize the owner's style, culture and temperament. And works of art often need to be slowed down so others can enjoy it.

For the budget conscious, Hotwheels offers a decent variety of low riders. It's not in the mainline right now but the 1980 Monte Carlo truly captured the essence of this trend. First offered in yellow with a targa-style chopped roof and pleated interior, it had small wheels and a slammed stance for that slo-mo image. These are so low they will snag and scrape on every carpet strand and unmindful ant crossing the path.

The 66 Chevrolet Impala is another favourite of this scene and Hotwheels has rendered it perfectly with a ground scraping stance and rear wheel covers all of it covered in pin stripes.  Impalas are the common choice for their long, low sleek look and HW has recreated several model years in this style. Notable is the Boulevard version of the 65 Impala in while with green artwork. This same car was available as a mainline version in green as a tribute to wrestling superstar Eddie Guerrero.

Hotwheels Buick Riviera

But the two that exude most flair would be the elegant 64 Buick Riviera and the slab sided 64 Lincoln Continental hardtop in green with white stripes and scallops. These are cars that look slammed even in stock form.

An Impala (yet again) from Revell in 1:64 scale.

For more functions and details, up your budget to get lowriders from 100% Hothweels, Revell and Racing Champions . The first make has extensive detailing, rubber tyres, engine detail and fully poseable suspension to look like a paused dancer. Also a little rare to find. The Revell and Racing Champions versions seem to only have a high and low setting only along with intricately detailed interior and engine bay/trunk. Prices average $12 for the Racing Champs with boxed 100% Hotwheels commanding a little higher. Mind you, these are average prices. Look for lots online and you may stumble upon amazing deals. Check this page for more Revell models.

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Jada almost gets all the proportions right with this beautiful 1959 Cadillac. Unlike the typical squashed tubby models, this one appears just about long enough like a pink whale.

In 1:24 scale, Jada has plenty of cars but most of them are limited in detail even with fully opening trunk, hood and doors. Somehow Jada creates most cars with children's toy-like proportions often appearing fatter in the middle than the real thing. They resemble men combating mid-life crisis and midsection bulge with shiny shoes. It's why most collectors preffering realism avoid Jada cars. The 59 and 63 Cadillacs on the other hand look proportionately correct. Long, like really long whales that occasionally hit the gym to keep their midsections toned.

If you want your very own custom built low riders head toward plastic kits. Revell has a 64 Impala that has a stock option also with appropriate wheels and suspension height. It is an excellently molded kit with superb detail and decent fitment of parts. It will cost you about 1500-2000tk to paint and build your own artistic expression.

57 Belair by Koeelefornia Kustoms

You can also opt for taking just about any kit and turning it into a low rider. Obvisouly it requires a bit of suspension cutting and learnign a few new swear words if and of course, when things go definitely wrong. YOu'll cut somethinhg that wasn't meant to be cut. But being plastic, it's all fixable. Take for instance this 57 Chevy Belair shown above made by Koellefornia Kustoms. The kit was given a set of aftermarket wheels by Pegasus. You can find such small diameter wire wheels for low riders for about 1000-1200tk per set.

70 Buick Wildcat made by Sven's World Of Wheels

While we are at it I can't leave out the beautiful work on this 70 Buick Wildcat made by Sven's World of Wheels. It's most liekly made static meaning the suspsnsion is permanently posed like that. It's easier although with a little tweaking you CAN fabricate fully poseable suspension.

1:24 scale model kit converted to a fully functioning hopper.

And now comes the amazing stuff. Customisers take the plastic kits and even the 1:64 cars and build them as actual hoppers. Small motors help create jumping cars aided by a controller much like the real thing. The plastic kits are larger and easier to work with but the smaller 1:64 scales are ridiculous works of art. And we haven't even scratched what's available in the JDM scene. More on that in a later issue.

Caprice 124 kit hopper conversion

Check out the bitchin' custom built fully functioning remote control low rider. Phew, that's a mouthful. Join our page on Facebook for more stories and fast, short reviews.


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