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  • Ehsanur Raza Ronny

    Primary life roles: Confused dad, all round car guy, model car builder and cartoonist. Currently Editor of Shift (automobiles), Bytes (technology) and Next Step (career) for the Daily Star. Previously did four years hard labour in advertising before starting Shift and Next Step in 2013 while also re-branding the previous tech publication as Bytes.

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    Podcast Addict: I feel busy all the time mostly worrying about do I or don’t I have corona. Podcasts are brilliant at keeping the mind occupied with useful, interesting information.
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    Wow. That went fast. 2020 was a blur of “will it, won’t it” questions. Everything we knew went flying in the wind. We had to relearn how to live and survive. Thank you but no thank you, Covid.
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    Yeah, that went fast alright. Much like a downhill truck with no brakes. 2020 seems to have been a waste of a year.
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    Budget phones are a hectic and vibrant market where it’s not easy to stand out. What has Realme done right? Or wrong? Seems they have made a few strides forward and a few steps back.