Rethinking urban spaces: Dhaka and beyond


Editor's Note

This issue, titled Rethinking Urban Spaces: Dhaka and Beyond, is the fourth instalment of our 216-page special supplement series on the occasion of The Daily Star's 27th anniversary.

Dhaka is a city of historical roots and deep problems; a city we love and sometimes love to hate. As the urban share of the country's population increases, the problems we face become more acute. But we like to think that none of the problems we face today is beyond solution. Be it traffic congestion, lack of public spaces, encroached waterbodies, or issues of decentralisation, we look towards a future Dhaka which would be a city at once modern, liveable and yet rooted in our history. For that, we need to rethink our priorities when it comes to planning, be mindful of preserving our heritage and invest in infrastructure that are needed for today and the future. And, as the country dips its toes out of the LDC category, our concerns cannot remain with Dhaka only—development and planning must decentralise towards a wider vision for the whole country.

Towards that visions, in this segment eminent academics, engineers, planners and professionals tackle some of these issues with their insightful and rich articles. Some look towards a Dhaka of the future, while others take a crack at the problems of our present. Together, they present the idea that a better Dhaka is possible and recommendations about how we can get there. We are grateful to all the writers who made this issue possible.

The last instalment of our supplement series, Changes that make us: #NowInLifestyle, is due to be published on the 24th. We wish you a very joyful and enlightening reading.

Mahfuz Anam

Editor & Publisher

The Daily Star

Cover Illustration: Ehsanur Raza Ronny

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