AL to stage demo across country tomorrow

Protesting the "violence" unleashed by BNP, ruling Awami League and its all front and associate bodies will stage demonstration across the country tomorrow

China, US ties at a crossroads, Xi tells Kissinger

Kissinger's visit to China comes at a time when the two superpowers are embarking on a course to stop their relations, already at historic lows, from sinking further

Plot afoot to create chaos ahead of polls: Quader

Road, Transport, and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has said that attempts are being made to plunge the country in turmoil ahead of the upcoming election

In Defence of Politics

The word “politics” is much maligned and stigmatised. It suffers from a huge image problem both in the world as well as in Bangladesh.

The debate over Khaleda Zia’s parole

Ever since the imprison-ment of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, her party has systematically demanded her release. Recently, a possibility for her “parole” has come up in discussion, even amongst the leading members of the ruling Awami League.

Citizens And The City Polls / Manifestation of Apathy or De-facto Disenfranchisement?

Amartya Sen characte-rised “argumen-tative Bengalis” also take avid interest in politics. In 2013 the Pew Research Center found that Bangladeshis are the most politically engaged nation. 65 percent of Bangladeshis were in the “high level” political participation category and a further 29 percent at “medium level”.

Disengaged voters in a declining democracy

As Bangladesh celebrates the centennial birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman via the commemoration of 2020-2021 as the “Mujib Year”, it is important if not necessary for citizens to reflect on the symbolic achievements of Bangabandhu, in addition to partaking in celebratory events throughout the year.

Low turnout: the new normal?

One question that I repeatedly faced in the last few days was: how were the elections of the two Dhaka city corporations?

Unjustified restrictions on media and observers

A number of extraordi-nary restrictions have been placed on journalists by the Election Commission ahead of Election Day and the extent to which the media can cover the election on December 30 remains unclear.

What this election means for young voters

Contrary to popular belief that our young generation is indifferent about politics, our universities, colleges and even schoolgoing children have proved in the recent past that they are not only politically conscious but also willing to play their part when it's time. This was proved during the recent quota reform movement as well as the road safety movement.

What do the manifestos contain?

Barring any last-minute glitch, in less than a week the nation goes to the polls. As an integral part of the electoral process political parties and alliances that entered the foray have issued their manifestos.

The myth of the 'level playing field'

Rural Sylhet on a damp winter's night presents a most forbidding scene. The Stygian darkness is pierced only by the dim light of the lantern of a roadside stall in the far distance.

Poll Violence: Who will bell the cat?

Since the campaign season for this month's election began on December 10, news headlines were dominated by violent clashes in

The struggle to restore our values

The 2018 election is not just about changing a set of policymakers: It is a possible turning point in the struggle to restore our core values.

Our constitution and the goals of independence

The Constitution which we adopted on November 4, 1972 and which came into force on December 16, 1972 is unquestionably the outcome of our victory in the Liberation War, won at the cost of countless lives. It bears the signatures of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Syed Nazrul Islam and Tajuddin Ahmad.

The ex-factor in Bangladesh's politics

There is no last word in politics. Politicians are rarely the ones to acknowledge this truth about their vocation and rarely, if at all, are they in the habit of being candid about it.

Bangladesh - 47th Anniversary of Victory

We are celebrating the 47th anniversary of our independence today. Our independence was won through the sacrifices of countless lives and untold sufferings.

Protecting our rights and freedoms

The people of Bangladesh recognise that their basic rights and freedoms—the very things people fought for during the independence struggle—are now being threatened by the powers that be.