US urges dialogue among parties without any condition

The US government wants an unconditional dialogue among political parties in the country to resolve the political crisis over the upcoming election, US Assistant Secretary Donald Lu has said

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JS opens probably the last session, to continue till Nov 2

The 25th session of the 11th Jatiya Sangsad (parliament) went into session today possibly for the final time before the next general election

AL to stage demo across country tomorrow

Protesting the "violence" unleashed by BNP, ruling Awami League and its all front and associate bodies will stage demonstration across the country tomorrow

China, US ties at a crossroads, Xi tells Kissinger

Kissinger's visit to China comes at a time when the two superpowers are embarking on a course to stop their relations, already at historic lows, from sinking further

Plot afoot to create chaos ahead of polls: Quader

Road, Transport, and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has said that attempts are being made to plunge the country in turmoil ahead of the upcoming election

In Defence of Politics

The word “politics” is much maligned and stigmatised. It suffers from a huge image problem both in the world as well as in Bangladesh.

The debate over Khaleda Zia’s parole

Ever since the imprison-ment of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, her party has systematically demanded her release. Recently, a possibility for her “parole” has come up in discussion, even amongst the leading members of the ruling Awami League.

Citizens And The City Polls / Manifestation of Apathy or De-facto Disenfranchisement?

Amartya Sen characte-rised “argumen-tative Bengalis” also take avid interest in politics. In 2013 the Pew Research Center found that Bangladeshis are the most politically engaged nation. 65 percent of Bangladeshis were in the “high level” political participation category and a further 29 percent at “medium level”.

Bangladesh - 47th Anniversary of Victory

We are celebrating the 47th anniversary of our independence today. Our independence was won through the sacrifices of countless lives and untold sufferings.

Protecting our rights and freedoms

The people of Bangladesh recognise that their basic rights and freedoms—the very things people fought for during the independence struggle—are now being threatened by the powers that be.

Bijoy 1971: The story of agony and ecstasy

It was one of those hot and humid July days in Dhaka. The year was 1971 and I was only 19. Dhaka was no longer a city of delight since the war of liberation against Pakistan had begun.

Cooperation or interference: MP's role in local government

In the era of modern statehood, the concept of Local Government (LG) has been indispensable in lessening the burden of the central government in service delivery.

What we need is a strong electoral system

It is the month of December, our victory month, and this is when we remember all the martyrs and the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who fought all his life to establish a democratic, free and just society.

Leading by inspiration

The nation is now in the grips of another approaching election. A flickering hope among many is for an inspirational leadership that energises, enthuses, and leads competently, and with good intentions to touch the lives of the people of Bangladesh.

Westminster model and its democratic dilemmas

Apart from its contribution to civilisation in the form of the English language, the great civic legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tradition, emanating from the British Isles is said to be its political system.

Don't leave behind coastal districts

The Election Commission (EC) has declared the schedule of the eleventh national elections—the election will hopefully be held on December 30, 2018. The ruling Awami League has drafted its manifesto with a “forward-looking vision”, which is to be unveiled by December 15.

The distinct experience of being a woman MP in Bangladesh

In our upcoming parliamentary election on December 30, 2018 more women MP aspirants have shown an interest to take on a legislative role than ever before (more than 50 from each alliance).

What makes an election free and fair?

Elections in a democratic system are vital and in order for the elections to be fair, it is important to examine whether the voters are

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