Revive the past glory of the railway

When it comes to long distance travelling, nothing can replace the railway. Beginning around 1880, the Bengal railway expanded soon to bring Assam and East Bengal under its folds.

Archer Blood - An American's sacrifice for Bangladesh

Soon after the creation of Bangladesh, we came to know of the heroic yet risky stand taken by many foreigners, foreign journalists and Christian missionaries in defiance of the Pakistani military threats.

US Elections 2016 / Can media influence the outcome?

It was J. Edgar Hoover, the apparently puritan FBI Director, who had let his agents secretively investigate the love life of John F.

PERIPHERALLY YOURS / No grave for Gulshan attackers

It was the last act in the bleak drama. And it was written by none other than Providence. The young men who had unleashed mayhem in a restaurant in Gulshan in July this year in the name of Islam and subsequently were killed in the hands of the law enforcers now lie in their eternal sleep in some unidentified graves in the city.

PERIPHERALLY YOURS / Reviving the Age of Wisdom

The obsession with a section of youths of the country about “dying” for Islam gives rise to the paradoxical question: How can one

PERIPHERALLY YOURS / Beginning of the end of ISIS?

It appears that ISIS is in big trouble in some of the major towns of Syria, where Iraqi and Syrian regular forces and Peshmerga

PERIPHERALLY YOURS / PARIS ATTACKS: Massive intelligence and security failure?

What if about a hundred of them came with a similar mission? If we analyse the nature of the attacks and their near-perfect execution, we are inclined to believe that the level of preparedness of the French intelligence and police on the ground has been dismal.

CHINA: A worthy trade partner

The recent visit of Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng to Dhaka no doubt reinvigorated the existing bilateral relations, laying


Pakistan had to pay the price for its misdemeanour and misadventure in Bangladesh. It learnt the hard way that guns cannot always solve all problems in this world.

Japan picks up sword again after 70 years!

Politics in the Far East region is getting interesting by the day with ample hints that it would get complicated soon with some new developments in the region.

French Revolution and our mass uprising

As storming of Bastille had heralded the fall of Luis XVI, the fall of Dhaka Cantonment on February 22 and release of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had literally paved the way for the end of Pakistan in the soil of Bengal.

BNP: Defiantly dismissive of its ailments

Perhaps there is a late realisation among them that BNP has burnt itself out pretty badly during the three-month long blockade and the ensuing spate of murder and mayhem on the roads since January this year.

Is Myanmar the new gunslinger in town?

We are sure the present crisis will be solved in a day or two but what remains to be seen is Myanmar's total commitment to all bilateral and international rules of business when it comes to maintaining peace at the borders and solving other long-standing issues with Bangladesh.

Insensitivity to deaths is mental aberration

IF politicians deliberately create a “situation” in the country,and if that situation incites a group of unruly elements of their party to go about murdering people on the roads, and if those politicians remain insensitive to such deaths and destruction, the state of their mental disposition would definitely come into question at one point of time.