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Online Exclusive

Eden College principal believes solutions to students’ 'mistakes' is in 'counselling'

Tamanna Jasmine Riva and Razia Sultana, president and general secretary of the BCL's Eden Mohila College unit, were accused of hall seat trading, extortion, "blackmailing students into carrying out unethical activities," and torture. There were also issues regarding the other faction of BCL.

World Press Freedom Day: Speak now or forever hold your tongue

Essentially, if someone expresses a critical view of the achievement of Bangladesh’s Liberation War, or the country’s relationship with another nation in a Facebook status, or even in a private message between friends on WhatsApp, that individual could be subjected to criminal punishment under the DSA, intrusive surveillance under the data protection law, or censorship under the digital, social media and OTT platform regulations. 

Shakespeare—Our Contemporary in the Time of Coronavirus?

The question was already raised by some: Did Shakespeare write mainly for children? So-called "pop" Shakespeare criticism answered that question in the affirmative. 

Did police do enough to quell the New Market clashes?

Three pedestrians were critically injured in the violence. Nahid Mia and Morsalin were among them.

An open letter to the makers of ‘Nikhoj’

Dear Reehan Rahman, My father, photojournalist and editor Shafiqul Islam Kajol, was added to the list of hundreds of Bangladeshi victims of enforced disappearance on March 10, 2020.

Why I’m all for Elon Musk buying Twitter

If we are to have an inclusive society, we can’t simply “cancel” those who we don’t agree with.

Remembering the oath-taking of Mujibnagar government

On April 17, 1971, the history of Bangladesh, and indeed the history of our Liberation War, took a drastic turn as the subcontinent’s map was redrawn with the emergence of a new sovereign state headed by its first government.

From Sri Lanka, with caution

Sri Lanka is facing one of the worst economic crises in its history.

EU training to Myanmar police on crowd control: what message does it send?

Posing as the protector of democracy, the Myanmar military accused Suu Kyi’s party of vote-rigging and irregularities. However, a big question remains on what stepping stones they laid to protect democracy.

Bangladeshi expatriates: death, burial and identity

One of the most tragic deaths from the Australian Bangladeshi community occurred in 2005. The victim was a young man named Faheem Bhuiyan.

‘How is your father?’

An account by photojournalist Kajol’s son.

Opinion: 1971 to 2021 -- as Bangladesh forges ahead, Pakistan’s denial continues

Bangladesh will never form ties with anyone compromising on the spirit of the 1971 Liberation War. The country will never betray the blood of its 30 lakh martyrs.

Digital transaction holds the key to ensure transparency in disbursing allowance

We have come across news in media about misappropriation of relief rice, corrugated iron sheets, other relief items and government financial support for the poor. There are many tricks to embezzle cash support and one of them is using ghost beneficiaries when they are distributed manually. As a result, these incidents are less visible. There has not been much media coverage about the misappropriation in the distribution of cash support.

Early action key to ending flood woes

There is a proverb which says, “misfortunes never come alone”. Well that seems to be the case for communities living in northern Bangladesh-- marooned by monsoon floods and suffering through the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Is Bangladesh’s RMG industry on its way to recovery?

The Mapped in Bangladesh (MiB) project of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), Brac University (BracU), has recently disseminated the findings of Phase 2 of its ongoing “Rapid Survey” series through a webinar titled “State of the RMG Industry during the Pandemic: Is it on the Way to Recovery?” on July 20, 2020.

Cancel registration, route permits if vehicles violate health codes: ministry to BRTA

Road Transport and Bridges Ministry today asked Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) to cancel registration and route permits if vehicles violate health guidelines.

Coronavirus pandemic: students in chars should have access to online classes

During my recent venture to the char areas of Bogura, I found students spending the days of the pandemic going without any form of online or offline classes. They do not have to attend school now and most of their parents are unable to teach them as many do not have any formal education.

The coronavirus pandemic: quarantine, shutdowns and all that stress

The word quarantine first came around to use in Italy’s Venice in 1127. It was used in response to Leprosy and was later heavily used during the Black Death. It took another 300 years until the UK properly began to impose quarantine measures in response to plague.

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